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English to Hindi Dictionary is a free Android app that does just what its name suggests: converts words in the English language to Hindi at the click of a button.

For travelers and expatriates alike, a solid mobile dictionary is always handy. If you're in a country that speaks a language that isn't your native language, a dictionary can always help. Even if you feel that you're completely fluent, you never know what situation you could land in that would require a good dictionary.

English to Hindi dictionary aims to have the same functionality as a pocket dictionary. However, it aims to be faster and have more features packed in. It also has less of a dent in your wallet. English to Hindi dictionary is a very simple app, and it doesn't have many features added on top. When a user opens the app, there is only a text box and a button. The user can type in an English word, and then the Hindi translation of the word is given. Unlike more advanced apps, like Google Translator, English to Hindi Dictionary does not translate full sentences or give more advanced analysis of words entered.

It does, however, give the type of word (such as "verb" or "noun") along with the proper Hindi translation. One selling point of this app is that it is available offline. This can be particularly helpful if you're traveling in areas where reception is spotty or you won't have an internet connection.

English to Hindi dictionary is only useful for travelers who may not have an internet connection. There are no other distinct advantages against apps that connect to the internet and have many more features.


  • Fast translation of any English word to Hindi
  • Works offline


  • Does not do sentence or paragraph translation
  • Lacks features other translation apps have

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